Articulating Your Unique Value as a Tech Firm for U.S. Market Expansion

Tech firm expansion in the current U.S. market holds immense opportunity for those that are willing to approach it with an open mind. At Kettering, we offer a clear-eyed vision of how to effectively launch and where to restructure expectations to avoid potential pitfalls. When helping clients map market expansion, we bring vetted business development […]

Why In-Market Representation is Crucial for Establishing Your Tech Firm in the U.S. Market

Entering the U.S. market needs a personal presence. That in-person representation is what differentiates your tech firm from others and communicates through actions that your company is the one new clients can trust. As we’ll explore in this article, nothing replaces the need for human connection to foster and nurture your business’ growth and expansion.  […]

Why the U.S. Market? Key Reasons to Choose the U.S. in Your International Expansion Strategy

Technology businesses thrive on the edge of change, seeking new terrain and perceiving solutions before most can see opportunity. That same foresight is critical in deciding on international market entry. Unstable economic times can provide lucrative intersections with the right geography. For several strategic reasons, shared here and in this series, enterprise tech companies would […]