Kettering International

Kettering International helps you accelerate international market entry in the US, UK, Australia and China.

About Us

At Kettering International, we leverage our rich, practical and broad commercial experience in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and China to help organizations achieve their global objectives.

Based in New York and London, we are market entry consultants that provide business development services focused on product development and stakeholder engagement. We work alongside our clients as their trusted advisor and representative in the market.

Our end-to-end stakeholder engagement solution allows our clients ‘to see the whole sausage get made’ ensuring their product is fit for market and they have identified, engaged with and built relationships with the right stakeholders for their business. We will not just provide strategic advice, but be intentional about assisting our clients implement, or if they wish, give them the enabling elements to do so.

Our Services

Market Entry

Our business development process and structure provides a soft landing point for our clients to enter new markets. We design market entry strategies that set our clients up for success.

Corporate Parachuting

Kettering can accept short, mid and long term assignments in organisations who need temporary voids filled pursuant to a variety of leave of absences (e.g. paternity and maternity leave).

Our Clients

Kettering has worked with a wide variety of clients including universities, sporting organisations, professional services firms and startups.

We specialise in education and technology clients.

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