How Tech Firms Can Capitalize on Today’s Opportunities for U.S. Market Entry

Well-nurtured business relationships open doors in the U.S. market. Indeed there is tremendous technological curiosity in the American market; however, establishing connections — business to business and person to person — is what creates conversations that convert to partnerships with long-term profit and gains. 

These expansion-enabling relationships must be rooted both in an understanding of market topography and the strategic development of a presence within the community you are looking to serve. Kettering International offers a turn-key in-market presence for tech firms looking to expand. With years of experience helping clients navigate U.S. market entry, Kettering International has seen IT tech firms’ success distilled down to two main factors: value-driven decisions and viable in-market networks.

In this article, we’ll delve deep into these opportunities and the know-how Kettering brings to connecting tech firms with key clients, satellite office establishment, and support for enterprise business processes for long-term client cultivation. At Kettering, we roll up our sleeves and make ourselves part of your tech firm’s successful international market growth.

Successful Mindset for U.S. Market Launch 

There is a reason so many aim to benefit from U.S. market entry — because it affords ample opportunity. A tech firm with a data-driven focus that reframes its mindset to understand the U.S. market and formulate culturally-informed strategies will be able to capture the great growth opportunities found in the U.S.

Instead of seeing the U.S. market as one great monolith, a tech firm needs to work uniquely with the subtleties in each local target market and vertical of business. There are many brand strategy focus areas an open-minded firm can explore in the U.S. tech market. Kettering helps clients brand themselves in line with their U.S. competitors and choose a viable target audience within a tech sector. 

In such a fast-paced industry many companies, including American-based ones, are vying for the same contracts. Willingness to put effort into clarifying branding and speaking the market language are key switches that can pay off in dividends, both in closing contracts and establishing market merit.

The Value Of Networks for International Market Entry

On the ground in the target markets, Kettering cultivates and nourishes business relationships for long-term success, building upon an ecosystem of opportunities as an end-to-end stakeholder engagement solution provider. 

U.S. businesses are more comfortable getting to know a tech firm from the inside out — through relationship-based business conversations and building connections while discussing commerce. This is one motivation for Kettering’s high-touch approach to setting up business meetings, considering core values as well as the personal dynamics of the meeting attendees themselves. Often, the extra effort of ensuring personality match-ups for network marketing increases both parties’ success, improving their ability to hear and understand each other. 

We help you build the business relationships that will serve as a viable starting point for your U.S. outreach, and that will continue to grow with you for long-term success. Incidentally, this also increases word-of-mouth referrals and opportunities that only come when you are already top of the client’s mind. 

Setting the Stage for New Solutions

The tech industry thrives on cultivating new solutions and being on the cutting edge of innovation. It stands to reason, then, that the openness to breaking new ground is one aspect that makes the U.S. market so appealing to tech firms looking to expand. Culturally, Americans tend to experience more FOMO (fear of missing out) than their European or Australian counterparts  — especially when it comes to technology. With that ​​comes a greater willingness to indulge a concept, an idea, or a new solution than you may find in Australia, the U.K., or other European countries. Expanding businesses that are situated within a network can take this opportunity to market innovative solutions that may be a harder sell at home.   

Using their superior market knowledge and U.S. presence, Kettering helps clients create a strategic framework to operate successfully within the cultural expectations of U.S. audiences. Navigating nuances prepares for effective expansions — building necessary foundations of communication while aligning your company’s core values with viable market opportunities. Kettering guides IT tech firms through the entire lifecycle of U.S. market entry, from possibility to long-standing, prosperous business relationships. 

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