Market Foundations: Current Status of the Australian Tech Industry

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The market’s most recent fluctuations may have everyone’s attention, but variation in the business landscape is the norm. Markets have moved before and they will again. Given this reality, actionable projection clarity for Australian tech firms looking to expand internationally requires understanding the overarching trends in the Australian tech industry with a focused view on how they specifically relate to your company’s positioning. Your numbers tell a story of where and how goals were met —  or missed. That data gives a tech firm leverage in pivoting strategies.

This article is the first of a series exploring Kettering’s sophisticated, research-backed prospectus on the viability of international market expansion for Australian technology companies in 2023. We’ll take you on a deep dive through an authoritative market lens and understanding of Australian tech’s place in the U.S. economy over the last several years, to help companies determine where their ambitions fit into the current landscape.

Australian Tech Market Horizons 

While the past couple of years have brought considerable changes to many international markets, there is much to look forward to in the Australian tech market, especially in the U.S.  According to United States Foreign Direct Investment data, Australian FDI in the U.S. amounted to $102 billion USD in 2020, with some of the top sectors involved being software and IT services as well as business services.  At the same time of reshuffling trends, Australia is being touted as an emerging leader in tech enterprise — from cyber security and AI to 5G connectivity — the explosion of the tech market paired with the tenacious innovation of Australian business translates to market potential. Companies that have a plan will benefit from this tech surge.

Turn Obstacles to Positive Positioning with Kettering International 

The recent data provides clear quantitative benchmarks for Australian tech companies looking to expand to the U.S., but how can they take the forward steps towards acquiring a piece of that nationwide success? It begins with an informed positioning plan. Kettering International helps companies reduce common barriers to U.S. market entry, making it easier to get into the market and creating a “soft landing” with plenty of support.

Oftentimes when a projection assessment is made, companies focus on product performance and underestimate the value of the qualitative components: networking, localized team support, cultural competencies, and the subtle art of business collaborations. The most common error companies make is underestimating how knowing and meeting the needs of the U.S. market culture can affect a successful launch.

Kettering International was founded in 2019; however, CEO John Crozier-Durham has shepherded Australian companies through international market expansion for much longer, accruing extensive experience in riding the waves of the market and cultivating a far-reaching network from years of proven and reliable business practices. John has built a hands-on team to help tech enterprises meet their global market expansion goals and position themselves for success.

Another barrier the Kettering team helps clients overcome is cost. Finding ways to alleviate financial pressure is a necessity for any business expansion. Kettering excels at reducing expenditures to the minimum without compromising on essential efforts, educating tech firms on possible cost-saving solutions and connecting them with appropriate, often overlooked resources. One such example is AusTrade’s Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) program, which has been helping small-to-medium-sized Australian businesses grow their exports in international markets since 1974. To enable tech firms to take advantage of these opportunities, Kettering teaches how to navigate this process and helps clients by applying for the EMDG on their behalf, giving them access to resources and funding.
One other, and rather large barrier to entry that Kettering removes for Australian-based businesses is the lack of on-the-ground support. Kettering’s network of contacts in the United States works as a coterie of experts that helps Australian tech companies create grounded connections with valuable personnel. It is not enough to come to market with a product. Products need a team to implement and improve customer experiences, pivoting for unforeseen obstacles. Having a relatable, culturally accessible team in the U.S. market communicates comfort and longevity to your newly acquired contacts. Kettering reassures their clients that they are here for the long term of business growth, and counsels their clients to communicate the same — building a network of successful businesses that expand through collaboration and profitability as market trends change.

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Are you considering a U.S. market launch? Are you curious what opportunities Kettering International could unearth in your strategy plan? Contact Kettering today to find out what partnering with a market leader could do for your tech firm. In our next article, we will provide examples of Australian tech companies that completed successful, recent U.S. market expansions.