Achieving U.S. Expansion with Kettering: Imminently’s Journey to Success

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Imminently is an Australian-based software company that provides a wide variety of software solutions to improve project management and team collaboration, as well as simplifying regulatory compliance. 

Imminently’s rules-based engine, Decisively, plays a critical role in processing complex rules like government regulations and laws. For instance, in Australia, Decisively digitizes the age pension regulations, making it easier for people seeking pension benefits to determine their eligibility. This innovative tool shows Imminently is committed to using technology to simplify decision-making and improve operational efficiency. 

As Imminently started to expand into the highly competitive U.S. market, they encountered many of the challenges typical of making the leap from Australia to the U.S., from navigating cultural differences to managing regulatory barriers. This case study examines the strategic partnership between Imminently and Kettering International, the NYC-based firm that specialises in guiding Australian tech firms in their international expansion efforts – and how they worked together to overcome these barriers.

Cultural Disparities

Joel Nation, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer of Imminently, stresses the importance of identifying and accounting for cultural differences. “Australian consumers like straightforward communication and authenticity,” says Nation. “American consumers like polished marketing messages and brand reputation,” he added. “It’s important to understand regional nuances within the huge U.S. market, where consumer preferences can change dramatically from state to state.”

Kettering’s deep knowledge of the market and consumer behavior proved invaluable to Nation’s firm. Through in-depth research, focus groups, and social listening platforms, Kettering gave Imminently actionable insight into America’s unique consumer needs and preferences. By breaking down the target audience into demographic, psychographics, and geographic segments, Kettering helped Imminently tailor marketing messages that resonated with a wide variety of consumers across the country.

Regulatory Hurdles

Imminently was confronted with the complexities of complying with U.S. regulations, especially in the areas of data privacy legislation (GDPR and CCPA), as well as intellectual property rights (IPR). It was critical to focus on reducing the risk of the legal and PR consequences that come with non-compliance, especially in light of the increasing importance of data privacy and data security following major data breaches.

Kettering’s legal team carefully helped Imminently navigate their way through the regulatory landscape. Through comprehensive compliance assessments and gap analysis, Kettering identified areas of potential risk and provided customized legal counsel to mitigate liabilities. From privacy policies to third-party vendor agreements, Kettering kept Imminently compliant with U.S. laws and regulations, protecting the company’s reputation and reducing legal exposure.

Competitive Landscape

In addition, Nation pointed out that the U.S. market is highly competitive, with many established players and startups competing for the same market share. He stressed that Imminently needs to stand out from competitors and carve out a niche in this crowded market. Nation also stressed the importance of building strategic partnerships and alliances in order to gain a competitive advantage and drive market penetration.

Kettering and Imminently worked together to create a comprehensive market entry strategy. By conducting a thorough competitor study and SWOT analysis, Kettering discovered specific and valuable market opportunities that Imminently could take advantage of. By leveraging Kettering’s strategic insights into Imminently’s go-to-market strategies, including targeted product introductions, exclusive relationships with industry leaders, and tailored marketing, the firm continues to explore the most impactful introductions into the US market.

Kettering’s strategic partnership empowered Imminently to overcome the multi-faceted challenges of entering the U.S. market. Faced with cultural differences, regulatory challenges, and developing innovative strategies to stand out from the competition, Imminently not only broke into the U.S. market, but established a solid foundation for future growth and development. 
Imminently’s journey illustrates how strategic partnerships and expert leadership can help businesses navigate the challenges of market expansion. Is your firm ready to expand on an international level? Contact Kettering today to start your successful journey into the U.S. market.