Navigating U.S. Horizons: Enteruptors’ Journey with Kettering International

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Enteruptors, led by David Jordan, Chief Architect of Decision Experience and Enterprise Value Planning, is on a mission to help CEOs meet market, regulatory, and investor needs while managing risks and compliance in today’s rapidly changing business software landscape. 

Enterprise Value Planning (EVP) is a revolutionary approach to helping CEOs make informed decisions beyond their daily operations and finances. EVP integrates risk and regulatory reporting seamlessly into planning tools to help CEOs make better decisions and generate better results. 

Hurdles in Entering the U.S. Market:

Even with their innovative solutions, Enteruptors found it difficult to penetrate the large U.S. market from Australia. The huge size of the market and the difficulty of communicating their uniqueness were major challenges. Realising that standard solutions wouldn’t cut it, they set out on a journey to find a way to overcome these obstacles and gain traction in the U.S. market.

Partnership with Kettering International:

Although David was initially hesitant because of his experience with traditional marketing, he was interested in Kettering International’s unique approach. One of the things that stood out was Kettering’s willingness to listen and understand the specific challenges that Enteruptors faced and translate that into the context of international market entry.

 Kettering recommended a strategy for reconfiguring the way Enteruptors messaged its value and offerings. They proposed a new approach called category marketing. Instead of focusing on the specific problems Enteruptors addresses, he focused on the challenges CEOs face in making decisions. Zeroing in on client pain points rather than going straight for the solution resonated more strongly with the market and opened the door for greater market engagement. 

 Measurable Results:

This strategic change had a measurable effect. Enteruptors shifted away from traditional marketing messaging to a more holistic, problem-oriented approach. Kettering’s active involvement and expert consultation showed a dedication to understanding the nuances of Enteruptors’ offerings, and paid off in tangible results.

 Beyond marketing, the partnership also touched on cultural issues. Kettering played an important role in understanding and responding to the “tall poppy syndrome” in Australia. This cultural tendency to criticise or devalue successful individuals was managed well by Kettering, helping to create a positive and confident image for the company.

 In addition, Kettering’s deep understanding of the U.S. market set Enteruptors up for success through a personalised and culturally responsive approach in their growth initiatives – a factor many new market entrants neglect.

 Future Outlook with Kettering:

As the partnership between Enteruptors and Kettering International continues, the road to the future is full of excitement. This strategic alliance brings Enteruptors the support, insight, and actionable guidance they need to explore new opportunities and new solutions. Enteruptors looks forward to the next stages of the collaboration and to continuing to tell the story of growth, transformation, and achievement in the United States market.

If your business is looking for cutting-edge solutions and a trusted partner to enter the market, contact Kettering International now. Their innovative approach and dedication to understanding your unique needs could be the spark that takes your business to the next level.

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