A CEO’s Guide to Expanding Your Tech Firm to the U.S. Market

Gaining a successful foothold in the U.S. market comes with its unique challenges — even for CEOs who have led their tech firms to profitability in their home market of Australia or the U.K. Navigating the waters of U.S. market entry requires the proven expertise and local presence that Kettering International offers tech enterprise owners ready to reap the benefits of strategic expansion.

Uncover key considerations that can make the difference between success and failure in your U.S. market entry strategy:

  • How to articulate your unique value as a tech firm entering the U.S.
  • Which hurdles you’ll face with a U.S. market expansion – and how to overcome them
  • What a recession might mean for your expansion efforts
  • How to capitalize on current opportunities for U.S. market entry
  • How to make international market expansion better if it’s your second time around

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